What Women truly want from Men

In sales we have the approach to get to know: What problems does a possible customer have, that he wants and needs to fix? What is the pain the customer wants to heal, because it drives him nuts?

Once we know what drives the customer, we can offer the perfect solution or product to exactly fit his needsor stop investing more energy into the sales pitch, if the customer wants something totally different, that is not in our product portfolio. If we have the solution to his problems and can prove that it is valuable and high quality, selling is rather easy.

If we apply this philosophy to women, once we know what pain and problems they have, what they want us to provide them with, it is rather easy to present and sell ourselves as the perfect solution. All we have to do is to show, that we are the most valuable and high-quality solution they can find.

However, the trick is to get the knowledge about those pain points. Knowledge is power after all.

Pain points of women

So, what pain points do women have, that they need men to fix? What do they actually want from men? Well, an easy answer would be everything that has to do with high testosterone and every property that comes with it, but let us talk more about it. Of course, I will present mainly my experience and what I have learned. If you have made different experiences, feel free to share them.

In my opinion, these are the four points we have to adress:

  1. Psychological security
  2. Physical protection
  3. Money or material security
  4. Dick

1. Psychological security

Women want someone, who they can confidently follow. Someone that can make difficult decisions. No, I am not talking about what to eat for dinner. More like, there is a job opportunity in a faraway location that is really attractive. Do we leave everything behind and go for it, even if everything is new or do we stay in our well-known and secure comfort zone? Should we, should we not? What to do, what to do? Women want us to decide this hard stuff. They want the qualities of a leader.

We have to have a clear plan in mind, basically in regards to everything. Therefor we can answer any question that will be raised without hesitation, but instead with brimming confidence. “We are going in this direction, it will be fine, just come with me” – and while we are saying this she has to feel that everything will be fine and safe. She has to feel our confidence. We have to show that we have balls and are decisive. That resistance or obstacles will not sway us from our path, like a leaf in the wind.

That we have no weakness in our game plan. We NEVER EVER tell a woman that we are not sure what to do! NEVER! DON’T!

What if she does not want to be lead?

Of course, if she does not want to tag along, that is fine too. Not everyone wants to go into the same direction, not everyone shares the same reality, dreams or point of views.

I for myself have goals and dreams I want to reach. I will stay my ground like a big rock stands the currents at a beach and I will find someone else who will walk this path together with me. Maybe only for a short period of time in my life, maybe even longer. It is totally fine by me. I can survive on my own. I will still steer my ship of life in the direction I want it to sail to. That is my mindset at least. My way or the highway. She is free to leave whenever she wants to.

With that being said, from my experience, women don’t know what they actually want. Today they say they want this, tomorrow they have changed their mind and go for something totally different – because it felt right in that moment. They need direction and actually want someone who gives them direction. They don’t want to feel left alone, while a guy can be totally fine going his own way or mostly alone through life. After all, women are far more social than men are, but that is a topic for another day.

To offer the solution to their first problem, we have to provide decisiveness, confidence and direction to their lives.

2. Physical protection

Women are on average physically weaker than men. Sorry, but it is a fact. Now historically, if a woman has no one to protect her, a predator would kill her and her kids. Hence, she needed a man to find protection. There was no state or police after all.

Now, it is difficult to show, that we are physically able to protect a woman. Of course, bulking up and showing muscles can help, body height will help too, but we probably don’t go out and rough up some guys, just to prove the point and show of our strength, right? At least if our goal is not to get into prison.

One idea could be to get a black belt or being physically able to perform sports at a very high level and prove our abilities this way.

What else we can do is to fuck her good. Now don’t click away. I know it sounds insane at first, but hear me out.

2.1 Fuck her good

Let me repeat: We can show to be physically strong by fucking her good. Not only good, but by fucking her brains out. Somehow it is a good proxy, do not ask me why. We don’t necessarily have to throw her around the bedroom, but showing stamina and not finishing directly after beginning sex won’t hurt either. Showing stamina and power in that we can endure a longer sex session and thrust good enough to make her cum, maybe even multiple times.

Take what you want and make no apologies about it. Show self-confidence. No don’t rape her, I am not advocating that! Accept a hard no. However, we still show, that we can physically overwhelm her.

I believe this, because whenever I had great sex with a woman, they always wanted more. The power in the relationship suddenly shifted too, because I got what I wanted. Women are the gate keeper of sex. After we as men go through this gate, all that is left is our possible commitment to her. We are the gate keeper of relationships or commitment so to say.

Because of that, they suddenly starting to text or call first, asking what I am doing and if they can tag along or if I want to join them for activity x,y or z. All that while a bad one-night stand, where I was to drunk to perform in any shape or form, never called again.

To offer the solution to their second problem, we have to provide physical protection. Looks of a fit, big body and/or being a high-profile sports athlete and/or martial artist can indicate this, but if nothing else, being able to fuck a woman senseless will be a good proxy. By the way: the last part is always important, because if you can’t provide a woman with great sex, she will find someone else who can.

3. Material safety or Money

No woman wants a loser, that is not able to provide for her and her kids. Who can’t or does not have the potential ability to provide material safety. This might also be rooted in evolution. Kids are expensive. If there is no money to send them to school, to provide a home or to buy clothes with, the kids will have a miserable life. Money also enables a more fun life than staying at home 24/7.

Therefore, all women are kind of “gold-diggers”. Which in my opinion is perfectly ok. It makes sense and I am not butthurt about it. Money is great after all. It can buy lots of fun stuff and helps to solve problems too. It gives freedom and security.

What is not ok for me is if she wants to spend my money for selfish reasons. That for me is a real “gold-digger”. I use my money because I want to do something together with her, not to buy her a new car or shit. I am not an ATM for her to use, I want something out of the deal to.

3.1 Possible missconception

Do not misunderstand me here. Women don’t need a lot of money. Most are working for themselves and have their own money. They are independent. They have the state to take care of the kids too. So, it is not like we have to go to very expensive places every day. We don’t have to be a millionaire or anything like that, even though that would make life a lot easier for us too.

It is more about a safe and steady stream of income. Free available income that can be used for fun activities, kids and a home if you want to build a family, etc.

We can also explain that we are saving money right now, to have a better life later on. Some women are totally fine by this too, because they understand that there will be a pay-off later and that there is a goal behind it. Like I described in the first point, “Psychologic security”, this is part of a clear direction we can and have to provide.

We explain it to her, but don’t hand over the reins. We know what we are doing. Either she is fine by it, or she will leave. Again, that is fine to, no one is forced to stay. Who knows if she is there 5 years later too. The answer is probably no anyways, due to various other reasons.

To offer the solution to their third problem, we need the ability to provide on a materialistic level. Not necessarily thousands of dollars, but at least something.

4. Dick

Don’t let you tell otherwise. Of course, women want the dick. All women love a big, hard cock. Otherwise humans would not survive. Everything else is a lie. This is easy to understand and should be clear by now, so I put this last.

Final Words

Once we understand and have the solution to women’s problems, it is rather easy draw them into our lives and also to keep them. By offering value in regards to the mentioned pain points, we will be able to get and keep the woman we want, as long as she is willing to follow our ideals and we have a chance to actually show our qualities. In order to get the food in the door, we have to improve our overall SMV.

Furthermore, in the western, rich world the individual state of a country took control over some aspects of the safety aspects. Women can take care of themselves financial and in some countries, there is even a social safety net. Physical protection is rarely needed too, due to police and the justice system. This leaves only sex and psychologic safety as values we can offer.

Whereas if you go to poor countries, where the individual state cannot take care of those aspects, we can sell the whole package. Therefor, in my opinion, women in those countries are far more feminine than in the west. They have to depend more on a man to take care of more of their or problems after all. That is my experience at least. So if you want a very feminine woman, that depends on you, try to travel to an underdeveloped country and see how it goes.

Quick reminder: Opportunity cost

That being said, women are of course an opportunity cost. The money (as well as time and emotional energy) we spend on a woman cannot be used for investments or other goals. Everyone has to decide for himself if the cost is worth the possible return – or if he wants to sell his goods to the customer in the first place so to say. Some customers are not worth dealing with or do not actually intend to buy. They are a waste of our valuable time. Time that we will never get back.

Some are trying to use us to haggle and drive the price of another offer down or their own up. We have to know our worth and be self-confident. A solution that is cheap and easy to get is most likely worthless and not valuable, right? At least that is what we have to think.

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