The Wall – Women’s Nr.1 Jeopardy

The Wall

I have mentioned the term “the Wall” in previous articles, but let us talk about the topic a bit more. The term describes a situation, where a woman has lost or is on her way to lose her strongest assets: Looks and fertility. Women who hit the wall have simply lost most to all of their Sexual Market Place Value.

Or in other words, they hit or reach a wall where they can’t get past or climb over. After all, no one can get back lost time and his or her youth. While the somewhat ambiguous term “hitting the wall” sounds politer than calling a woman a slut or ugly, in the end it also disqualifies women as men’s mating partner.

When does a woman reach “The Wall”?

I said that the term is ambiguous, because there is not necessarily a set age. Like, as soon as a woman reaches 30 she automatically hits the wall. Actually, there are many variables to consider, like drugs, alcohol, too much sun or solarium, being a single mother, obese, career obsessive or simply having consistently bad character traits, that will influence how soon a woman is reaching the wall.

Nevertheless, the point in time where women start to have problems in getting pregnant, which indicates a loss of fertility, is the point in time they definitely hit the wall. This is usually the case between 30 and 40 years of age. Most women also realize their lessened ability to sexually compete with women, who are in their sexual peak (18-25 years-old), once they hit this age.

This is by the way a hard fact and not fiction: “Fertility gradually declines in the 30s, particularly after age 35.


Fear of Decay

Why do women fear this point in time, even if only subconsciously? After all, feminism, media and friends are telling women, that their sexual viability and SMV are indefinite, right?

See the truth is, that women’s first and foremost power over men is simply coming from their looks. That is why the life of a young and beautiful women is on easy mode, because their looks and fertility are on peak level and everyone is nice and helpful to them. They get invited to nice and exclusive parties, have lots of social media followers, instant access to clubs, restaurants – simply endless opportunities. The life is their oyster. They don’t face resistance as much as young men do, if any at all and thus don’t have to evolve or work on themselves.

Most to all men are nice to them, because they want to fuck them, while other women are nice to them, because they see them as the future – unless they are women, who beautiful themselves until they hit the wall. Those women become bitter and hateful because of the following tragedy.

wall 3

The Tragedy

As soon as beautiful women hit the wall, they wonder and don’t understand why men and women stop being nice to them. They don’t receive all of those invitations and opportunities anymore. They don’t realize, that in the past it was all about their looks. People did not care about their personalities. No one ever did. It was all about their sexual attractiveness. That is the ugly truth that they women don’t want to hear and feminism denies. However, the world is cruel and does not give a fuck about them, once they are no longer hot.

Since most women listen to feminism’s lies, they are postponing marriage till an age, where they are simply to old to secure a high value man. They no longer invest in men with good potential in their mid-twenties and sacrificing their peak SMV years to ride the cock carousel until it’s too late.

Yes, it is unfair that women only have a short period of time to make the most out of their SMV, while guys have a lot of time, but there is no one to blame. It is simply how it is – an ugly reality that most will not realize in time.

wall 2


Since women’s looks and fertility are decaying in their thirties, they get desperate to secure the highest valuable man as they are nearing the wall. The realization usually happens between 31-32 years of age.

Now if they still want to have children, they need time to find the right mate / provider. Time that they don’t have, since it might take several years until a man also wants to actually have children with her. Assuming that this takes around 2-3 years, those women are already nearing an age of around 35 and get nervous, because their strongest assets are rapidly decreasing in value during this time.

In addition, most high valuable men will not settle for such (desperate) women and will probably only use them as a quick “catch and release” or friends with benefits. In reality those high SMV men are aiming for high valuable women between 18 and 25 years-old.

Truth about older men

The Wall Men age like wine
Men age like wine; Women age like milk

Men can do this, since they are just beginning to hit their peak in their thirties to forties. In addition, men are able to father children even when relatively old and their financial situations and careers are only getting better and better. Some might also become independent and build their own business. Men simply hit the wall way later than women and have thus more time.

I would even argue that a man should never settle bevor he reaches his peak and actually realizes his true potential in regards to women.

See, around the age of 30 most men become or should become aware of their own sexual market value and potential. Personally I just turned 31 and can still date a 19-year-old woman. Shame me however you want, but young women are not only hot, but also have this glow in their eyes and an aura about them, that draws me in. I do not find this in older women, who are searching for a (nice) guy to settle down with, after dating and fucking countless Chads in their prime. You know what I mean, right?

Young women

Women actually prefer older men…

… as long as their looks are still fine. Why?

Well first of all they are better long-term prospects due to a better financial situation. Their SMV is simply higher in this regard. Secondly, older men had more time to develop and work on themselves and to establish a good live. Compared to young guys, they are more confident, have their shit together and know what they want, because they made more experiences. For example, they possibly had their heart and Disney fantasies already broken once or twice by other women. Thus older men don’t fall for bullshit that easily anymore and take the role of the leader.

Now I want to repeat again, that looks still matter to younger women. That is why I tell you to build a killer body, which is still achievable in our thirties or forties, even if we maybe need a testosterone boost.

All in all, an older rich man is always more valuable than a younger rich man, as long as his looks can still compete too. The older man is already a proven commodity. Even without looks I would argue, that if money is exponentially high, they can still find sugar babes all around the world.

clooney wall

Shaming men

Of course, this is also one of the reasons why women, usually older or ugly ones, shame older men who go for young chicks. They despise those men, who realize their own power and value and are therefore going for a better deal than themselves. They don’t want to be left out however and still snag that high valuable male, that they failed to keep in their peak years. They want to have the cake and eat it too. Sure, maybe a one-night stand or friends with benefits are still fine for those men, but usually they will not settle, marry or build a family with such low SMV women.

In the end those women have to settle for unattractive nice guys or become a crazy cat lady alternatively. In my opinion, this situation can only turn out really awkward and ugly, because the pretense is already full of desperation and hate.

Final Words

Do notable exceptions to the wall exist? Of course! You may find a hot 39-year-old woman with 2 kids competing in a model competition. However, you can also search for ~40-year-old women on social media and compare them to younger women. Exceptions usually prove the rule. Despite all the lies feminism is spewing, women unconsciously know that their sexual attractiveness and prime fertility is limited in life. This creates all kind of craziness once they get closer or hit the wall. Be careful about sperm jacking! That is why I told you to stay away from crazy before.

Personally, I prefer younger women. Besides attractiveness they also have an aura, this “glow” about them, that draws me in. Personally I can’t find that in older women. Maybe women lose this over time – or over huge amount of cock, who knows.

Since I still have a lot to improve on and am nowhere near my peak SMV yet, I am eager to see how my future will look like after I reached it. Of course I believe that it will turn out great and keep on evolving. Cheers guys! We can do it and become a better man than we were in our nice guy beginning.

Sexy young woman
From the pic above, she was the hottest 😉

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