5 Simple Reasons Women betray Men


Let me start this article by directly listing the top 5 reasons why women betray men in a relationship:

  1. The man gets lazy – He stops working out, he stops flirting with her and he stops putting effort into being the leader of the relationship
  2. Sex gets boring, because loss of interest or staying in the same repeating patterns
  3. Constant conflict in the relationship
  4. The man betrays his woman
  5. The woman finds a better deal

Consider, that the first point is automatically leading to every other point listed above. To be fair, the title of this article should probably be “The top reason women betray men”. Let us dive into deeper.

The Wall

Many betrayals are closely related to low self-esteem. A woman who is approaching her thirties to forties is slowly losing her attractiveness, as she gets past her prime fertile years. This point of “no return” is called The Wall. After all, women reach their top sexual market value in their early to mid-twenties. While nearing or hitting the wall, women will start to notice their declining attraction in regards to the opposite sex. Hence, they also start to feel an urge to be younger again.

What does this mean in regards to the relationship?

Simple, as her looks are starting to decline, the man in the relationship also starts to lose desire for her. He no longer gives her the feeling that she is a desirable and attractive as a woman. At this point, most older women then seek an affair and betray their man. She wants to feel like the sexy woman she once was in the past.

While sex with her partner has become a routine and boring, sex with her affair is passionate, hard and wild. It is without limits and responsibilities, while the sex with her partner is equal to a duty.

Low self-esteem of men

The issue of low self-esteem can also be applied to men. They do not want their relationship to use make-up, dress sexy, gets her hair or nails done or that she goes to the gym. Men with low self-esteem like to fantasize about such hot women, but do not want their own partner getting hot. The reason for this is uncertainty and jealousy.

If the woman looks like a 10/10, with high heels, a sexy dress, well made-up hair and nails, the man would feel jealous and uncomfortable, since she will be very attractive to other men too. Suddenly he would be in competition and might feel that he does not deserve such a hot partner anymore.

That is the reason why nice guys like that their partner is keeping a low profile when it comes to dressing up. Nice guys let her eat all kinds of shit and don’t mind if she is putting on weight. They will not encourage their partner to do sports either or invite them to events where they would have to dress up. Many men will also put less work into themselves, so that the woman adapts and becomes unattractive to other men too.

However, a true man wants that his woman is feeling sexy and desired. He will not stop to work on himself either.

“Girls just wanna have fun”

You probably know this quote. Life is short and cruel. Women want to have the chance to feel carefree and young before it’s too late and they will never have the chance again. They need the attention of men. Men who are trying to seduce them and giving them the feeling of being attractive and desirable. Ok, some women are maybe just bored too or they are missing the carefree and exciting moments that they felt in the beginning of the relationship.

Notice, how I often repeat that women want to feel like this or that. Yes, women operate based on their feelings – while we men mostly operate on rational thoughts.


Women are bored

Often women are bored with their job and of having routine sex with their partner. Remember, they want to have fun, right? Therefor their secret affair becomes the sole reason for their continued existence. They want a life full of great sex and fantasy, free of obligations. They certainly think their man is great, but they need that feeling of “new”, the excitement, the romance, and the adventure – all what an affair will offer in this situation.

More than anything else however, the affair gives new sexual polarity: A masculine man giving his best to get a feminine woman. They are not lazy like the men in current relationships. Some women feel guilty when they have an affair while others do not. But in all cases her thoughts are only about the breathtaking sex they have or had with their affair

They feel the same dopamine kick that a drug addict feels. They become addicted to their lover and buy expensive underwear, they go back to the barber regularly, get their hands and feet done. Her highest priority now is to regain her femininity and maintain the sexual polarity of her affair.

All in all, relationships end when the sexual polarity between two partners weakens or disappears altogether.

Men in a relationships are getting lazy and weak

Most relationships begin intensely with hot, dirty and breathtaking sex. This attraction that we have felt in the beginning will inevitably weaken over time, while the sex may will be more routine and boring. Both factors are leading to separation in the long run or maybe even sooner. It does not matter if the looks of the woman are a 10 out of 10 too. Over time, man and woman get used to each other and feel so comfortable that they become friends.

However, men and women can never be friends if they want to be in a relationship!

Why? Again, simple: The friendlier a relationship becomes, the less sexually polarized it becomes. That is why the term “friend-zone” was invented. After all, nice guys that are “friend-zoned” will not have any sex with the respective woman. That is exactly the outcome of becoming friends in a relationship.

Men do not need female friends, they need feminine women and sex

hot women

Let me repeat this because the nice guy in us is probably refusing right now: Men don’t need female friends, they need feminine women that can satisfy their sexual needs.

If this is no longer the case, as the sexual relationship becomes to friendly, the man starts to fantasize about other women. He suddenly starts to watch porn and seeks his sexual satisfaction outside of the relationship.

Consequentially the woman will then be starting to feel rejected and less attractive. In the worst case she will start having an affair with another man who can give her those feelings back.

Let me put up the thesis, that many couples are in this “friendship phase” and do not realize that they are thus destroying their relationship. The reason for this thesis is that the average relationship lasts around 4 years. This seems to be the period of time at which the average relationship turns into friendship and thus comes to an end. I also think that the average time of relationships is lower in 2019 and will be even lower in the future.

The biggest mistake is laziness

In my opinion the biggest mistake of men is the first point I have raised in the beginning. Men think a relationship is the solution to all their problem as they will get hot sex around the clock in a relationship. Furthermore, I often hear that “if I only could find a hot wife or soulmate I would be always happy in life”. This leads those men to put their hot new women on a pedestal. They regard the woman as overly adorable, as she initially satisfies all their sexual needs and fulfills fantasies. However, at some point the woman will disappoint the man. Eventually the sex gets boring with her and the sexual attraction decreases.

This is also the point in time when she begins to take less care about herself, like gaining weight or not repairing a broken nail or what have you. This should ring all alarm bells in our head, as this will be the point in time she starts to look for an affair. Though I bet most men will be blind to this and will take note way after the fact.

All in all, the thinking of “soulmate” is a fallacy and far from reality. It is a childish dream, a fantasy that is also sold by media. The initial phase of high attraction and all the hot and dirty sex will not last. Women will also not solve our problems or lead us to everlasting happiness. It is our own responsibility to reach our goals and dreams, it is our ship to sail. If we as a captain are getting lazy, the ship will hit a rock and sink.

Know the pattern

Most relationships follow a certain pattern: At the beginning of a relationship, the woman wears sexy clothes and does her utmost to look the best. Over time, the man then subconsciously allows her to let go. A woman who finds herself no longer attractive, no longer feels sexually desirable and the man will lose the sexual desire for her. It is an automatic downward spiral.

She wants to have some passionate and dirty sex again, but instead she feels inhibited and unattractive.

Hot cleavage women

Final words

This article is written by my own experience. It is not like I did not fall in these pitfalls myself. However, it is an important topic to understand for us nice guys, if we want to improve our relationships.


If we care about the relationship, we have to stay in shape and keep on leading her. We have to let her feel desired and sexy. Also, we have to be unpredictable and not always follow the same patterns in regards to sex. We do not let her getting fat or putting in less effort either. Instead, we encourage her to do anything that will make her feel sexy and desired, e.g. take her to the gym / sports and pay attention to her diet.

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