The Undeniable Sexual Market Place (2019)

In my last article I wrote about the first steps we can implement in our mindset and behavior. In today’s topic I will write about the concept of the Sexual Market Place (for short: “SMP”). Every man and woman who is searching for a partner enters the SMP. Every participant of the “SMP” has a Sexual Market Value (for short “SMV”). Let me explain how our SMV is defined as a man.

Looks, Money, Status (LMS)

These are 3 factors, that determine our value. Sure, our skills in social interactions are essential too, but those 3 factors are the initial door openers. We cannot run our “game”, if we get no chance to do so. Yes, social skills are important too, we do not sleep on them. Let us focus on door openers first though.


Looks are an integral part of attraction. Sorry, but that is a hard fact. What do I mean by looks, what physical attributes make an attractive man? An attractive man has a strong Jawline. He has a ripped and muscular body. He has full Hair and a clear skin. While this list might not be complete list, it should give us already a good idea. Picture Brad Pitt in “FIGHT CLUB” as a general idea:

Let us take height for example. We can look all around the planet, but a tall man is universally attractive and arousing for women. They usually prefer a man to be taller than they are. The reason for this is, that a taller man indicates more physical prowess. More physical prowess indicates a better ability to protect her and her offspring. It imposes dominance and signifies to stand out in male hierarchies. Whether this is actually true or not is not relevant. It is the image that women are pursuing that counts.

Now we can’t change our body height. If we are rather small and the average women in our location is taller than us, a solution can be to move. A new location with a more favorable average level of height can increase our odds. For example, Asian women are on average smaller than western women.

That being said, what we can actually influence is not our height, but to maintain a good physic. We can take care about our body and wear good clothes. No, we don’t have to look like a CEO of a, but don’t look like a beggar either. Consider that most men in the west are overweight or even obese, we can stand out in the fitness category rather easily. Join a gym and start lifting weights 3 days a week. Add some cardio in between and you already have a good start. Opimizing nutrition to maximize gains will naturally follow.

“Looks aren’t as important for women

Typical Nice Guy

Maybe you have heard of this statement before. However, it is a common misconception that some confidence, wits and humor alone is all we need.

From my own experience I can tell that once I got in shape and dressed sharply when going out, I noticed an increase in attention from women. Other men can testify this too. Being in shape will also boost our self-confidence, because we put our body to work and get a better feeling for it. We also lose shame when getting naked, because we look better. Furthermore, if you are into online dating, looks are the most important factor of all. There is nothing else the girl will initially see than a picture.

Adding wits and humor into the mix is far more effective, once we have the foot in the door so to speak. Then we can present the whole package of a top-notch deal. If you still don’t believe me that women care about our appearance, put it to the test for yourself. After all, reference experience beats everything. Get in shape, dress sharply and go out. See what happens. I firmly believe that you will get more attention and confirm the quote above as a lie afterwards.


There is evidence everywhere that very rich men have a relatively easy time attracting women. If we would own a villa, yacht or some high-class sports car, then I bet that we will attract women. Throwing expensive clothes in the mix cannot hurt. The reason for this is that we would clearly show the ability to be able to provide her a good life and that we could take financially care of potential kids too. We know that kids are expensive after all. It also would indicate a fun and glamerous lifestyle, which plays into our next topic of status.

Hence taking care of our finances is not a bad idea. We don’t have to be a millionaire, but being poor is no virtue either. Take care of a stable income and be able to still have money left in the bank at the end of the month. That is a good start. If we are still financially average in our location after improving as much as possible, it can be a smart idea to move to a place, where our financial value is higher.

I don’t like to use the same example again, but try to travel to South East Asia once and you will see how easy it can be in regards to women, once your market value skyrockets to the top.

Money also helps in keeping our new woman around. It is a lot more fun to travel around and eat at fancy restaurants than staying at home or eating at a Fast Food Restaurant, right?

That being said, it does not matter how rich we are, if we are not in shape and attract a woman on a physical level, we can’t wake a natural desire in her, where she actually wants to fuck us. Our goal is not to be an ATM after all, we want to get something out of the deal too.


Usually status is correlated with money, because a good career goes hand in hand with it. It is often contextual though. We can be a local famous guy that has a big social circle too. Therefor we have lots of influence and opportunities. This indicates safety to women, because we have a “huge tribe” behind our back. After all we are not all on our own.

Another example would be that if we talk to a woman while we are with a woman, we will be automatically more attractive to her. That is the reason some guys are wondering, why suddenly more opportunities are coming their way, once they are in a relationship.

Note that professional, well known sports athletes, famous DJs, Hollywood stars, etc. will have barely, if any, issues attracting women. They will throw themselves at those stars. Look at famous musicians like Ric Ocasek, who pulled a world-famous photo-model during 1988:

Being world-known is of course not achievable for most of us, but we can still be a local hero in whatever we can do really well. Anyways, as a concept of opening the door, status will definitely work tremendously.

What about women’s SMV?

A quick run through for women would be feminine behavior, a nice firm ass, bust size, hair length, hair color, skin color and health, hip to waist ratio, etc. It is not a complete list but as guys we know which girls are attractive. It also does not matter if she works at a restaurant or is a CEO, if she is having high marks in those traits we will find her hot. I even bet that if someone was putting a naked woman in most guys bed they would fuck her when she is below average in those traits.

The deregulated Sexual Market Place

However, this leads to a deregulated market place. Yes, the SMP is deregulated heavily in favor for women. Since the age of the internet and dating apps like tinder, dick is available plenty and everywhere for women. They can be more selective because they can find plenty of men on a daily basis. In addition, nowadays women have more influence to society than ever before, which leads to putting their interests more and more in front of the SMP.

After all, we don’t live in small tribes or isolated villages anymore, where marriage is arranged or our parents have a huge influence in selecting a suitable mate for us. There is no socially enforced long term monogamous bond between men and women anymore. Everyone is now connected to each other due to the internet. Since there is lots of demand for pussy by men, the offer goes naturally down, while the price for it is going up. Simple economics, right?

That’s why most women will try to only go for the top and the below average men will simply not be selected as a mate. Who can fault them for that? If girls where throwing themselves at us, e.g. we are a rich and good-looking Hollywood star, we would do the same and only select the best ones.

The issue is, that reality looks like that:

Deregulated Sexual Market Place

When wishful thinking would be this:

Regulated Sexual Market Place

Don’t cry or be angry about it. No one said the sexual marketplace or life is fair. The western beauty standards and expectations are very high. Let us accept it and try to work with this reality.

Final Words

All in all, those at the top are exponentially more rewarded than those at the bottom. There is no equal distribution of the reward, most of it goes to the top. We have to accept it and try to improve.

By increasing our SMV as much as possible, we can use the deregulated SMP to our advantage. On the bright sight, once we hit the top SMV-Level, it is much easier to fuck around than ever before. Then the equilibrium shifts in our favor and there will be a lot of demand for what we have to offer.

If we face to high competition in our local area, moving to a new might be an option too. Like a wise man once said: Go east!

You see, in my opinion it is definitely a fair question to ask:

Why should we stay in mediocre misery, when we could go somewhere else and live a better life?

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