Sluts – Nr.1 Secret Ideal Women?


Yesterday I had an interesting discussion, where it was stated, that every man wants his personal slut. Like yes, our girlfriend or woman needs to be hot, faithful, helpful, cheerful, mentally healthy, possibly a good mother and every other positive attribute we might think of – but of course she has to be able to suck dick good too. After all, starfish sex gets boring pretty quickly. However, we don’t want her to have run through the cock carousel, where she had around a hundred or more men before us.

How can this work together?

Seems like quite the paradox to me. On the one hand, the woman needs sexual experience to provide satisfying sex. On the other hand, we don’t want a woman who had lots of men in their life and lost their ability to pair bond – we don’t want to buy damaged goods. Studies show that a woman’s pair bonding ability is inversely proportionate to the number of sexual partners she’s experienced.

The hormone oxytocin, which is produced during sex, increases levels of empathy and bonding. Women produce more oxytocin during sex than men, which means they are more likely to let their guard down and fall in love with a man after sex. Like drug addicts, a high dick count means that women will need more and more sex to get a satisfactory oxytocin high. At some point her receptors will burn out and she’ll likely never be able to experience the post coital warm and fuzzies that bond her to her partner. That is the issue of sluts or girls with a high dick count.

However, how could she ever get good in bed, if not by sexual experience?

What number of prior lovers is acceptable?

Less than ten? Less than five? At which point can she be called a slut? At this point I think there is no right answer. If we ask most nice guys it wouldn’t be even important to them, they will safe and purify her anyways. They would simply be happy to finally get laid and neglect everything else. Doesn’t matter if its her first or hundredths time. Their encounter was destined by fate. She has to be the unicorn they were always searching for, right? You don’t qualify a gift made from heaven. Of course, that’s all bullshit, but well, how to really answer this paradox?


Nice guys don’t care

Maybe in this rather tragic case of nice guys also lies the truth. Since most men in our society are indeed nice guys, they will accept any dick count, as long as they finally get a chance too. Unless the woman is a famous porn actress or known to be a official slut, most guys wont even ask or have the idea to think about this paradox.

They simply don’t care. They want to possess and lock her down in a monogamous relationship or marriage asap. Their goal is simply to have regular sex, whatever the cost may be. Of course, most women are fine with this too. After all, there is no issue in getting divorced later on. Even if asked, I think most women will downplay their real dick count anyways.

Be careful about Alpha Widows


Because most women wont state a high dick count anyways, I think its futile to ask them about it. If the girl is great in bed, she most likely is experienced. However, this does not necessarily mean, that she had hundreds of men prior to me. She could also had only one prior partner, but maybe this man still screwed her in such a way, that every other new guy will pale in comparison.

Those new guys can’t give her the same intense sexual experiences. She would then go on and search for these past feelings. Usually this means that she will have sex with a lot of different men and thus sacrifices her future long-term relationships. This is a so called “Alpha Widow”.

Virgins better than sluts?

Virgin Girl

Keeping alpha widows in mind, as soon as the woman is no longer a virgin, she might be out of the equation for a long-term relationship. Of course, depending on the man or men she experienced in the past.

Oxytocin receptors in the central nervous system regulate the affect of oxytocin on emotions. Oxytocin is like a drug. A woman’s first experience with post coital release of oxytocin has a powerful, lasting impact. Since virgins didnt experience this strong emotional drug prior to their first sex, they will stick to their first man like glue.

However, a virgin has to gather a lot of sexual experience to reach a satisfying sexual level. I know from personal experience, that this takes a lot of time and patience. There might also come a point in time, where she asks herself due to social media, friends or other outer influences, how another dick would feel like. Hence it is not a guarantee that a virgin will be faithful till the end either. If nothing else, we can at least be sure that a virgin is not an alpha widow.

The only answer?

So, repeating the question above, how many dicks are too much, what is the ideal number? The final answer might be that it is only important, if she is a so called “alpha widow” or not. In this case the only solution would be to give our new girlfriend intense sexual experiences, that no men in the past could offer her yet. Nevertheless, the more dick she had, the higher the chance that she is an alpha widow or slut, that had done more things we could ever imagine.

Final Words

While this topic is more a thought exercise, I still thought that it is quite interesting to think about. In the end there is no guarantee that the qualities we project into a woman will be really met by her. Only time will tell and show a woman’s true face. The more she brags about past intense sexual experience, like gang bangs, tragic rape or other hardcore stuff, the more likely it is that her pair bonding ability is ruined for life.

Hence it is so important to filter and test new potential partners in this regard, if our goal is a long-term relationship.

Our responsibility?

Of course, it is also interesting to think about, what happens if we leave behind a woman “alpha widowed” ourselves. Probably the answer is that we ruin a poor nice guys life. The guy who tries to lock her down into a marriage and will have a disastrous awakening, after she divorced rape him with Chad. On the other hand, some guys will not see the truth otherwise. May they not be ruined for life.

Then again, I don’t pretend to be saintly enough to think about this the next time I end a relationship either. So, take care guys.

virgin or slut

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