Mission – NiceGuyEvolution

Nice Guy Evolution is created for men.

Which men you ask?

It is created for the good, nice men out there, that finish last in life. Men who are dishonest to others and themselves. Men that are frightened. Men that have enough of getting the end of the stick in regards to their jobs or getting friend-zoned by women.

It is created for guys who recognize that it is not a bad idea and even necessary to have a backbone and stick up for their own goals. Guys who figure that being selfish and putting themselves first is less harmful than trying to get along with everybody.

It is created for guys who have realized that the current image of men, that is propagated by the media as the only one that is right, is actually wrong.

It is created for you, the guy that probably found this blog while having relatable issues and wants to improve himself.

Men and women are not equal

And that is a very good thing, because otherwise there would be no attraction and we would simply vanish from this planet. That men and women are different is also not due to an evil patriarchy or secret conspiracy, it is simply biological nature.

Men have the ability to father children, women have the ability to give birth to children. If compared to women, men are on average physically stronger and more willing to take risks. The reason for this is that men possess a naturally higher level of the primary male sex hormone testosterone. Instead of testosterone, women have a naturally higher level of the hormone estrogen, the primary female hormone. Women are thus more risk adverse and on average physically weaker.

We as nice guys have to understand, that men and women are not equal. Behaving like a woman in front of woman will not bring us any sexual success, because in this case we don’t express any willingness to take a risk and get rejected for our behavior or opinion. As I said before, taking risks is a natural male feature. It shows courage and self-confidence too. We have to accept that as men it is always upon us to be the leader, to take the responsibilities and risks of our actions. We have to stick up to what we actually want.

If we see an attractive woman that we want to get intimate with, we have to take the risk of rejection and say hi to her.

If we are dating a woman and it goes well, we have to take the risk of her leaving, giving us the cheek or slapping us through the face, when we are trying to establish body contact and go in for a kiss.

If we don’t like what a girl is doing or saying to us, we have to take the risk of her leaving and tell her she has to stop her behavior.

Recognize, that the only thing a woman actually wants us to do is to be a man. You know a guy that is circling around a girl for weeks on end and is still not trying to close the deal? He will be the one drowning his sorrow in booze sooner than later, because her friend-zone is the only destination for such a behavior.

The same goes for our careers too. At one point in our career we have to take a risk to get that salary increase – be it in negotiations with your current and/or future employee, when moving to a new company and new colleagues, because our current situation at work gets miserable, or simply when we want to step a foot into self-sufficiency.

Of course, having saved “fuck you money” will help us to take this risks in our careers, while in regards to woman we need reference experiences and abundance to not fuck up.

Gender-Mainstreaming is an issue

Following our biological imperative to procreate is not wrong. On the other hand, media, companies and politics in the west are trying to destroy any gender differences and men in particular.

They try to feminize men with fancy new shaming words like “toxic masculinity”.

They push hard for strong female leads in most movies and series right now, where the men are mostly incompetent soy boys. They try to censor anime series that raise topics like false rape accusations or because of some oversized boobs. Luckily the east doesnt care – yet.

In today’s age there are lots of single moms who raise their kids and especially young boys alone. This has various reasons. Kids need a father figure though. Especially during their teenage years. Boys need a role model to look up to. They won’t find it with their mom. They won’t find it in media either. More and more kids are raised solely by women. Boys get taught to behave like women. Girls are developing daddy issues.

Look at our food: We can find soy products in almost all processed foods. We can find Bisphenol-A, an estrogenic plasticize, in all plastic drinking bottles. Logically increasing the estrogen level of our body will lower our testosterone level or, to put it simply, our manliness.

The lowering of our testosterone can also happen with excessive consumption of porn, which nowadays is easily accessible and totally free.

You can see that there are lots of factors working against us. That there are some serious problems in today’s society.

Mission Statement

We, as the “NGE”-Community, want to achieve the goals we set for ourselves in life. We want to stop being the nice guys all day every day, because that is a dishonest and actually not smart way of living. We want to stick up for ourselves and develop a backbone. We want to show intent and purpose. We want to become hard and unwavering like a rock in a storm. We want to be a man.

Therefore, we have to

Analyze our current situation or problem logically and rationally,

Understand what we lack or have to do to in order to solve our problem and

Evolve into a better version of ourselves.

Why we?

I was a nice guy in the past too and probably still am from time to time. It took me 3 failed relationships in my early to mid twenties until I was finally seeing a pattern. I figured that something is wrong and started to improve myself ever since. I was pretty dense in hindsight, but today I am glad that those experiences woke me up. That is why I try to us as much “we” as possible, because I kind of address and include myself too. I don’t repeat mistakes and keep on learning.

Therefor, by sharing my now 31 years of experiences and views on the matter at hand, I am here to inspire and help you. Let us acquire success together. After all, “Boys are Born, Men are Made“.