Let us do the Farmers Walk

In my article about how to perform a proper handshake I mentioned to improve our gripping strength by e.g. practicing the Farmers Walk. Since maybe not everyone is familiar with this term or exercise, let me explain it a bit more.

So, obviously the name originates from farmers. Those guys, who are growing up with fresh milk out of a cow’s udder on a farm. Whose favorite food is meat, eggs and potatoes and who are working very hard from dawn till dusk.

Of course, due to all their hard work and good nutrition they develop a lot of strength. If you could ever watch them during their work, you can see that they are actually beasts. Whoever wants to grow big and strong, should start working at a farm or grow up on one.

Since that’s not realistic for most of us, we can at least pick up one of their ways of developing that bestial strength and put it into our workout: The Farmers Walk.

How do we do the Farmers Walk?

The Farmers Walk is among the simplest exercises ever. We just pick up a very heavy weight from the ground and then go for a walk with it, until our grip can’t hold the weight anymore. Since the weight is so heavy and we are walking around with it, our body has to constantly hold balance in all directions. Therefor we can train our whole body with this exercise, especially our trapeze, forearms, back, legs and calves.

We can also do this exercise in a lot of different ways and nearly everywhere:

  1. For starters, we can buy two water or beer crates and start running with those, one in each hand. This helps to build some basic strength. This can be done e.g. at home, a park, a bigger store, etc.
  2. Next, we can use two heavy dumbbells. Put one in each hand and there we go. This can also easily be done at home, if you have bought enough weights. You could also put the dumbbells overhead, if you reduce the weight a bit and start out with that.
  3. If we can do it with dumbbells, we can also do this with two barbells. I would not suggest to put those two dumbbells overhead though, that will turn out ugly. It could be done with a single one, if we can lift it up or from a rack stand.
  4. Kettlebells or any other heavy objects could be used too.

There are probably lots of other things and / or places we could use, since the whole exercise just revolves around picking something heavy up and walk with it. Simple but effective, just how we like it, right?

How to implement the Farmers Walk into a training program?

Besides building power and muscles, we can also use the Farmer Walk to burn fat. Since walking around with heavy weights will make our heart pump like crazy, we will burn lots of calories.

Whatever the goal is, we ideally perform the Farmers Walk at the end of our workout, in order to bring our pulse back to maximum speed and thus increase the overall effectiveness of our training. Implementing the Famer’s Walk into a leg / lower body workout makes perfect idea, because that way we are already warmed up and lower the risk of injury. Like after squats and / or deadlifts. We do the Farmers Walk for 3 sets or how much energy we have actually left.

I think it’s rather logical, but if we simply want to build some strength and muscle with the Farmers Walk, we could also do it in between other exercises or build the workout around them, not necessarily at the end of a training session.

Final Words

Farmer Walks are a good whole-body exercise to build strength and / or to lose fat. They can be done in countless variations and at a lot of different places. As a man we should be able to perform them at least with some drink crates. The ladies will thank us.

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