Do not commit to a relationship with her if…

Dont commit

… you notice one of the following signs, that qualifies her as a bitch. You see, in my simple opinion you can put women in one of two categories, same way we can do it with men (nice guys and real men): Bitches and house wife material – or “catch and release” and “a keeper”.

Two categories

While there are good reasons to stay away from relationships due to the opportunity cost and even more reasons to stay away from marriage, e.g. an unreal high financial risk, I can totally understand that guys are still going for it. They are searching for a safe haven they can return to, after a long, difficult and stormy voyage on their ship’s aka business. They are searching for domestic comfort and regular, satisfying sex, as well as someone that eases their mundane daily burdens to focus on the actual important stuff. Maybe even a woman to build a family with.

Coming back to the mentioned two categories, we won’t find nearly all of that with a bitch, because those type of women will constantly try to undermine our authority as the leading captain in the relationship, due to a lack of respect, loyalty or other (serious) mental issues, that will sooner or later lead to a very bad ending. They can be fun for a while, since the sex is great, hence I call it “catch and release”, but they will fuck us over if we stay with them long term or god forbid, marry them. Never stick your dick in crazy. Never. You mind wake up one day with no dick left.

While it is not that difficult to find out on the first date or after a few dates, whether a woman is material for a serious relationship or not, aka if she is a keeper, many guys are too thirsty of pussy or brainwashed to see the signs. They put the girl on a pedestal, since they finally found one and want to keep her despite all odds.

Anyways, let us talk about some characteristics, that help us to identify bitches:

1. She gives unqualified and unsolicited advice

You know this situation. Someone gives you advice on what you can do differently without you ever asking for it. Especially someone, who does not know what he actually talks about and lacks any real experience in this topic what so ever. Like an obese dude telling us how to eat properly and healthy. Let’s transfer this to women:

I do not care if I have a problem that can be solved with simple means – if I do not specifically ask for advice then I do not want advice. For example, I do not need advice regarding my finances from a 20-year-old bitch who still lives at home with her parents and thinks she knows everything about the world.

Once a woman proves that she can do all I can, knows everything I know and has at least as much life experience as me, she can offer her qualified advice. However, that does not mean that I want to hear it or accept it either, when I have not asked for her advice.

2. She says “you should …”

In addition to the first point, there is not a single reason a woman should ever say to a man “you should …”. It does not just suggest that she thinks we are doing something wrong and that she’s trying to correct you, but also that she thinks she knows more than you. However, who is actually the captain on this ship?

Right, not her. We let her on the ship to strengthen it as a member of the crew, not to let her take the steering. She has the freedom to say “What do you think about this or that?”, But the moment she says “You should …”, you know that she is not wife material, but an arrogant bitch that thinks she knows more than you and therefore should be quickly deported after a long fuck. Catch and release.

3. She answers calls, writes text messages or flirts with other men…

…while you are around. Yes, sometimes something urgent might come up on phone, like a family member suddenly needing a hospital. I can relate to this. In this case it is fine for the woman to say so and answer the call. Actually, that improves her value in my eyes, as she shows qualities of caring and responsibility.

However, if a woman takes a mundane call on the first date, constantly texts with her friends without giving a good reason or worse, even flirts with other guys while you are around, then this is one of the surest signs that she does not have the seriousness for a long-lasting relationship.

This also applies to

bad relationship

4. She does not encourage you during or after sex

Many women usually just want their rest after their own orgasm. Various hormones are released, which dampen the sex desire, in addition, that their pussy after the orgasm becomes dry and the sex thereby can become uncomfortable for them.

If a woman in this situation does not drive you to continue to fuck her and have your fun, then you should get rid of her as soon as possible, because then she did not understand that she is only there, so you do not have masturbate. Also, sometimes shit happens and you maybe orgasm way too fast and before she reaches an orgasm.

If she is blaming you in anyway instead of encouraging you, dump her. A good woman will build up your confidence to be better in the future. That is at least my experience so far. Of course, don’t fuck up too much either, you want to show that you can satisfy her needs too.

Finally, think about the role you want the woman to fulfill in your life. If you want a serious relationship you are probably going for most of the things I have listed in the beginning. This means that she has to be able to run or help with the household, to raise possible children and to ensure your sexual satisfaction. This leads me to the next point:

5. She is a huge fan of today’s emancipation

In which case she is following the propaganda imposed by politics, economics, and media. She is following today’s form of emancipation, where the goal is to destroy families, and thereby the entire society. She is a puppet that is following what others are saying without critically thinking about this herself. This in turn means she will not be loyal to you, since the media tells her that it is okay to ride the cock carousel and go for the next best man, that outperforms you whenever possible. After she is run through by countless dick, how can she ever be able pair bond again?

In addition, this will likely mean, that she will constantly raise demands or tries to tell you what to do and how to do it. Or in other words, she will constantly try to be the man in the relationship and therefore wrestles with you about the leading power. This daily struggle will sooner or later deplete your resources. Once she succeeds, it is only a matter of time until your ship sinks to the ground of the ocean. You can also bet that she will not drown with you, but jumps off to another ship asap. I don’t need a woman to drain me and my resources without return, she should enrich my life.

Finally, I for one will neither rise another man’s kid, nor do I want to be the 100th guy riding her carousel to a safe relationship. Or do you want to buy such used goods just to be “the savior”? Do not commit to single mothers!

6. Stay away from crazy

This should be obvious, but if the woman you meet is fat, her hair is colored in purple, pink, green or any other color of the rainbow or she is (heavily) inked, never commit to a relationship. Those are clear signs of mental illness and / or that she can’t think for herself and long term. She is a slave to her present feelings.

Hence, if she feels turned on by another guy, she will go for him. If she feels bad after sex, you better have prepared evidence and proof for the soon to be filed in police report. In the worst case, you might wake up without a dick anymore, if she feels betrayed by you. I repeat it from the beginning: Never stick your dick in crazy.

Also ask about her parents. If she has a bad relationship with her father or there is not father in her life to begin with, she usually has daddy issues.

Final Words

Think twice about committing to a relationship. You can not have a healthy relationship with her, if she is constantly disrespecting your decisions and lead or is competing with you. Observe and judge her behavior and personality. Especially after you fucked her once, since most of your blindness should come off afterwards – or in other words, the blood will return to your brain to think rationally.

Ask yourself what she is bringing to the table. If the answer is only pussy, don’t commit to a relationship, because as men we have to usually put in a lot of our resources. If the risk of investment is not worth the return, stay away. Even if the propaganda tells everyone that pussy is enough investment of women in a relationship, I will not let myself be fooled into a very bad deal.

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