7 Challenging Fitness Goals

fitness goals

With our nutrition set and a training plan to follow, let us set our first fitness goals to reach. After all, we have to build our killer body and having challenging but reachable goals will help us to stay on track. Furthermore, if we can reach these first goals we are definitely stronger than the average nice guy. Let us begin:

1) Hang on a pull-up bar for 30 seconds and follow up by performing a pull-up

Being able to reach this fitness goal indicates that we have a good grip strength and that our shoulders and back are fit. I like to do some sets of this exercise as a warm up, where I even do more than 1 pull-up after the 30 seconds have passed. After a long day of sitting, this personally helps me to straighten my back again.

If you are able to do one set, try to reach 10 sets next or increase the period of time you hang on the bar. In my opinion it is a lot of fun.

2) Bench press own body weight

Pressing the own body weight on the bench is the level up from a beginner to an advanced lifter. If we talk to other men about lifting they will also ask us about our bench pressing performance. To me it seems like this lift is kind of an ego booster to a lot of men, even though there are more complex lifts like the squat or deadlift. While I am not a fan of comparing myself to others or caring too much about other peoples opinions, reaching this fitness goal can thus boost our confidence too. This also means that we should be able to easily do 10 push-ups.

3) Farmers walk own body weight

Following goal two, we not only have to be able to press, but also walk a few steps with a weight equal to our own body weight. The farmers walk proves that we have a good functional strength and stamina. Therefore it is a valuable fitness goal to reach.

4) Deadlift 2x own body weight

The deadlift is one of the best exercises we can do. It activates more muscles throughout our entire body than any other exercise and thus can be seen as a whole-body workout and great measure of strength. If we reach a level that is equal to two times our body weight, we are definitely in a good shape.

Tip: If you start training this lift, use bigger weight at each side of the bar, e.g. 20KG. This will help you to do the lift correctly and not perform it with an arched back, as the bar is more above the ground. Be smart and get a hang of the correct technique first. Afterwards, slowly increase the weight. Do not start with numbers beyond 100kg from the get go. Always be careful about your lower back.


5) Perform a plank for 2 minutes

Another easy to perform exercise is the “plank“. Nevertheless, it strongly uses our core muscles and is thus considered as an important indicator of strength and health of our entire trunk. In turn a strong core is necessary to stabilize our upper body and to prevent back issues, as it is the antagonist of the lower back. Do not sleep on a strong trunk and reach this fitness goal.

6) Hold a deep squat for 30 seconds

Being able to do a deep squat indicates a healthy hip, knees and leg muscles. Go “ass to the grass” with your body weight and hold the squat position for 30 seconds. Then push up.

NEVER perform a squat with additional weight if you are not able to do it properly with your own body weight! Else it will end up in some serious injuries. After you can do it with your own weight, try to use only a bar without weights next. Then slowly increasy the weight like you would do it with the deadlift. Be smart. If you end up injured because of your ego, you lose time in the gym and thus progress.

7) Stand up without your hands

Finally, this goal proves that our flexibility, physical strength and coordination skills are above average. I have learned this during self-defense, since if I am in a fight, fall down and have to stand up, I already need my hands for protection and cant use them.

See it as a safety check that needs to be fulfilled till old age.

Final words

The moment we have reached these goals we are not only better looking than before, we also have power and functionality behind our new muscles. The motivation to reach even higher goals will follow automatically. Also, if you plan on joining the police or army, you should now be able to master the necessary fitness test too.

Enough of the read now, go and build those muscles and skills!

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