4 Steps to train our new Killer Body

Train Killer Body

After we have talked about how to optimize our nutrition it is time to train and develop that killer body everyone will respect. While this will instantly boost our SMV it will also improve our overall fitness level, testosterone level and thus confidence. All in all, a lot of benefits, but of course it requires work and dedication.

You see, I started lifting weights in my early twenties. I was way out of shape and thus not very popular at the time. Of course, this also leads to lower self-esteem. While there are many ways to improve this situation, lifting was definitely one way for me. My experience is the reason why I can recommend lifting to you too.

It will open doors, especially in regards to women, because they see a man with a muscular body as strong, masculine and self-confident. They will not see such a man as Mr. Nice Guy, but instead as someone who takes care about himself, someone who is disciplined and above average. It is also not very pricey to do. For starters, all you need are some weights or a gym membership.

Step 1) Train often

In my experience and especially in the beginning, where we have strong “newbie gains”, training 4-5 times a week is a great idea. I mean, it is logical: If we want our muscles to grow, we have to use and improve them. Once a week will not do the trick, unless we have chemical helpers and even then, I would argue it. If we want to force our body to get bigger, we have to train it regularly.

For this it is important to eat enough protein and to get enough rest. In the beginning you may feel sore and need a little bit more rest, but after a short period of time you will get used to the volume of your training plan.

Also, if we finish each set shortly before muscle failure, the trained muscle is fit again after 24 hours and can be worked on again. Another advantage is that we don’t put excessive strain on our central nervous system, which is extremely stressed during training up to muscle failure and usually gives up at some point.

This automatically leads us to the second step:

Step 2) Train effectively

By that I mean that we finish a training session within 45 – 60 minutes. If we have a short but intensive training session our body will react by building more testosterone and other growth hormones, which both help in building muscle and reducing body fat. Compared to this, if the training takes too long, the body will respond by building the catabolic and muscle-degrading stress hormone cortisol.

I want to stress that the training session still has to be intensive, even if it is short. By that I mean that we don’t waste our time texting on our phones but focus on our workout. Train like you mean it.

Step 3) Lift heavy

Most guys are lifting weights around 8 – 12 repetitions, because that is what most people are doing. However, that will only be as effective as the weight you we actually moving in this repetition range. What I mean by that is that there is a huge difference between bench pressing 40kg 8-12 times and bench pressing 80 kg 8-12 times. Now, to reach those 80kg we have to build strength, right?

Heavy weights, which are moved in a repetition range of 5-8, build up dense muscle mass and strength. So, our main lifts have to be around this range for us to get stronger.

lift heavy

Step 4) Train the main lifts

Especially in the beginning it is important to learn and improve the main lifts. By that I mean the bench press, dead lift and squat. Compared to e.g. a biceps curl those lifts need your while body and will put your central nervous system to the test. Being good in the main lifts is the easiest way to get quick results in getting stronger and building muscles.

Personally, I made very good strength improvements with the “candito program”. You can find the website, detailed information and free training programms here (scroll a bit down for the free downloads):

The “Candito Linear Program” is ideal for beginners, while I made most recent improvements with the “Candito 6 Week Strength Program”.

Final Words

These steps should help you to dip your toes into a gym and start lifting. Don’t care what other people with think if you start out with less weight than they use and don’t compare yourself ever. Everyone has his own body and progress speed. This aspect will also strengthen you mentally.

Also, in the end it is all up to the dedication and work you put in. See your training as a daily ritual like brushing your teeth and follow a plan, even if your couch, warm bed or girlfriend is calling. If you have to go to the gym on Monday, say “NO” and go to the gym on Monday. Finally, keep a good nutrition up to complement your training. If you invest all the hard work at the gym, why destroy it with some junk afterwards? Waste of effort, right?

So, now it is time for you to take action. Stop reading and lift some weights. What are you actually waiting for? Success and that killer body you want to own are waiting for you!


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