4 Signs of a Dangerously Low Testosterone Level

low testosterone

Due to various other articles I have written before you know, that testosterone is very important for men. It is the primary male hormone, the king of kings. To emphasize its importance, I want to dive a little bit deeper into this topic. I will show you what happens to your body and mind, if your testosterone level sinks rock bottom.

Furthermore, if you notice that your testosterone level is very low, due to this artcile, you should consider to visit a doctor and try to return it to a normal range.

So, without further ado, here are the top x signs your testosterone level is too low:

1. You feel extremely tired and lazy

Men with high testosterone levels usually have a strong drive. They want to build something, have a high desire for success as well as sex and want to fulfil their wishes and dreams. In return this leads to a high social status. This is proven by various different researches:

Logically, if our testosterone level is low, we will be exactly the opposite. We take risks less often, are emotionally unstable, have no drive and are more submissive. We don’t build something of our own but follow others and laze away.

This leads me to the second point.

2. You are emotional and can’t keep a cool head

A low testosterone level automatically leads to a higher estrogen level (the prime female hormone), because our body tries to keep a total balance that consists of both. Let’s make a simple example: If we imagine a total hormone level of 100 and our testosterone is at level 30, our body will compensate the lacking 70 levels with estrogen.

This means that if our testosterone level is low, our body will develop and strengthen female character traits, e.g. being more emotional. Men with low testosterone levels will cry during sad movies or easily lose their head and get angry, while men with high testosterone are ice cold and hard like a rock.

As soon as you realize that you are more emotional than usual, your testosterone level is dropping. Personally, this happens to me if I don’t keep up with a good nutrition, e.g. I drink lots of alcohol and eat too much junk food. After a few days and proper nutrition, I am back on track, but serious drinking habits can of course destroy testosterone levels for a longer period of time – or in the worst case permanently, depending on the degree of addiction.

3. Low libido and erection problems

Yes, low testosterone will also be an issue in sexual matters. Testosterone is needed for a normal libido. A low testosterone level deprives us of any sexual desire.

This is usually the best sign that your level has hit rock bottom.

Studies have concluded that the first noticed benefit of external supplied testosterone, e.g. a testosterone replacement therapy (short “TRT”), is an increased libido.

Erection problems are also very strongly related to a testosterone deficiency. As I mentioned before, my personal testosterone level sinks when I drink lots of alcohol. If I am heavily wasted I will have problems getting a hard erection.

Of course, this issue is also related to a low libido, since erections are difficult to achieve without the desire for sex. In the end, a low testosterone level is synonymous with a low nitrogen oxide production, which means that less blood flows into the penis. Potency pills such as Viagra develop their effect by increasing nitric oxide production. However, if the head still does not want to have sex, the body won’t follow whatever the case.

Therefor, if we have little desire for sex and also suffer from erection problems, we should urgently visit a doc.

4. Weight gain and loss of muscle

You often hear or read that body builder are taking steroids (aka testosterone) to build huge muscles. Yes, testosterone builds up a lot of muscle mass and also provides male characteristics such as beard growth, a deep voice and a strong self-confidence.

It also relevant for keeping our body fat percentage low or to contribute it to areas, which are counted as “manly”, e.g. the belly, where as women save fat in areas like the ass, legs or hips.

If we notice that we gain weight, lose muscle and build fat depots in female areas too, we should quickly visit a doc. High percentages of body fat will keep our testosterone levels low.

I have low testosterone, what now?

A normal testosterone level ranges between 3.1 and 8.3 ng / mL. If our level is below this range, e.g. due to environmental estrogens, stress, genetically modified food (soy!) and some other factors, you should think about one of the following two solutions:

  1. You try to correct it by injecting testosterone externally (e.g. TRT)
  2. You try to correct it naturally by lifting heavy weights, a suitable nutrition, good sleep, low stress and maybe supplements.

The issue of the first solution is, that you need a competent doc. If your doc still thinks about steroids and doping if you suggest testosterone injections, he will not help you. Furthermore, you need a sufficient injection to raise your level back up to a good range, not a low mental placebo one. If the injection is too low, you won’t feel any difference. This will be especially the case if you took steroids earlier in your life, because then your “normal” range will be actually higher than described previously.

Final words

Men need testosterone. If our level is too low we become emotional and soft. If we notice signs of a very low level, we have to do our best to fix it. A good nutrition, good sleep, low stress and working out are all factors to keep a healthy body and mind. They are a good starting point if nothing else. Of course, having actual sex and low to none porn consumption will help too.

Finally, a little libido booster:

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