2 Truths why Marriage is a Deadly Deal

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If we take a look at several statistics we can already see a good reason why men should not marry: Nearly every second marriage ends in a divorce and alongside the wife we will also lose lots of money, fortune and child custody. Make no mistake, men have to pay even if the wife was unfaithful.

While the original intend of marriage was to build a family, where men put food on the table and women took care of the kids, it is now simply a horrendous deal for men. Today it is more like another way for women to permanently get another source of income.

What led up to this?

In my opinion one if not the biggest reason is the pushed feminized agenda of media and politics. Being a housewife is demonized, while being a man that prefers a classic role concept is been seen as toxic. If you watch recent movies and tv shows, men are continuously pictured as weak, while women are new powerful leaders. If you do not like this stuff, like the latest Star Wars movies, you are toxic too.

It should be clear: The reason why this agenda was pushed is that this has led most women into going for careers and thus pay taxes. They don’t want and can’t be housewife’s any more. After all this is good for the state as this generates more income than before.

Logically, as women are working now too, men will no longer find a cozy home with a warm meal when they come back from work, but instead fast food and a stressed and bad-tempered partner. Sooner or later this can only lead to conflict and divorce.

Now, before we marry the woman of our dreams and pin our balls on the wall, let us always think about the following points.

We invest our resources

marriage is slavery

A marriage usually ends with the ex-wife being awarded half of the wealth earned during the marriage. For nothing. No matter if only the man earned the money or not. In addition, she also receives monthly maintenance payments from the man, whether she’s already fucking another guy or not.

Of course, weddings are not cheap either: Carriages, pies, church honeymoon – this shit all takes a lot of money. Usually it is all for the bride who has been brainwashed by Disney movies since childhood. This is the reason she craves a fairytale princess wedding.

Since married partners share bank accounts, property, children, etc. it will cause conflict over time too. Think about the opportunity cost and what else could be done with all that money.

We invest our freedom

Sex will most likely be non-existent sooner or later. A married man has traded in the only power he has awhen it comes to women: The power to walk away. The power to go his own way. His freedom.

The wife is now his only sexual partner and she controls how often he will have sex. She virtually owns his dick. If the wife denies sex, the man will have no chance at it without cheating. She knows that and will use it against him. This is why you often hear how guys have “business trips” and fuck some prostitutes while doing so.

Another reason is that the woman no longer has to put in any effort whatsoever. She has reached her goal and pinned him and his resources down. She feels safe and knows that she can gain weight and take less care about herself now, because she is no longer hunting. Men also often gain weight during marriage, since they stop putting in the work and bad nutrition. This makes them unattractive to other women too. As we have learned from the previous article about the end of relationships, all of this is a downward spiral that eventually ends up in divorce.

Fat after marriage

Our return of investment?

We promise a single woman to be loyal to her and serve her until death does you part – no matter how she behaves towards us. What do we want and receive for this huge promise? Think about it.

We want a domestic comfort, regular sex and a mother that takes care of our kids. However, the truth is that there is no equivalent return. We literally belong to her now. Thus she stops to put in effort. Feminism destroyed domestic comfort too, so what is really left? If we get a divorce, she receives half of OUR assets and a monthly maintenance. The law has her covered. Of course, we could sign a prenuptial agreement, but that also cannot protect all of our resources.

“We got married because of tax relief”

I have been told by friends that they married because of tax reason. Since they were together for several years anyways it was only logical for them to marry and improve their finances due to tax relief.

However, I don’t buy that argument either. On the one hand, the negatives I have listed above still stand. On the other hand, politicians aren’t dumb either. Why do you think media is pushing gay marriages? Because they can’t create a family and thus the real purpose of the tax relief is eliminated. You can bet the state will find a way to make even more money with marriages.

Final words


Would you buy a phone and swear to use if for the rest of your life? Of course not, and this is a decision with far less scope than a marriage. Thanks to politics and media the old values no longer exists. Unless you like playing Russian roulette or absolutely want to fulfill your emotional dream of starting a family and raise children there is no reason to marry. I repeat, there is absolutely no sane and rational reason to sign this deal.

If you compare a normal relationship to marriage, there is no upside in going for the marriage. Even going for a relationship can be questionable today, but at least you can end it whenever you want without losing assets, fortune and constant maintenance money. You still keep the power to go your own way.

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